mittens – they’re the new socks!

Well, not quite, but pretty close!  This pair was a lot of fun to knit and quick, too.  I am going to cast on for another pair right away.  I also want to get another pair of socks on the needles, too.


Even though it’s scorching outside (27°C/81°F right now), it’s nice and cool inside.

nosey cosy?

So I did in fact do the toe-shaping for the top of the mitten.  I quite like it and will use it again.  I liked how the other mitten’s shaping was swirly, but I didn’t like how pointed it was at the top.

fraternal twins

The “springy ring” cuff is really neat.  It’s like articulated knees or elbows on performance/tech clothing.




The stitch count for the body and the thumb  is the same on both mittens, just the cuff and top shaping is different.

With the super hot weather we had yesterday (and will continue this week), I’ve had the blinds and curtains tightly closed as soon as we get up in the morning to keep the heat out.  I heard a lot of fire bomber plane activity but just thought they were doing some training.  The big fella called me on his way home from work at 4 to comment on the fire.  Fire?!  What fire?!  So I opened the curtains in Apollo’s room and looked out:


This house is behind us, and it faces the river.  The fire was across the river and they’d been working on it all day.  It’s still burning today but I believe it’s all under control.  I noticed when we drove to Waskesiu on Sunday that the forest fire hazard was high (as is most of the northern half of the province) so I’m not surprised by the fire, just that it’s pretty close to town.  When we took the poopers out for a very slow stroll when the big fella got home from work, we got to see some of the tankers dropping retardant on the fire.  Cool.

Convair 440

4 thoughts on “mittens – they’re the new socks!”

  1. i like the danger-danger-will-robinson mittens the most, too. it’s also made me realise that i don’t have to have matching mittens.

    sloooowly refinding that mojo. thanks.

  2. Duuude! Y’all’s having some crazy weather lately. The mittens look great, especially with that background. 🙂

  3. Love the mitts. Your dog is incredibly laid back.

    I was wondering which side of the highway north the fire was on. Sounds like Auntie Peggy has a pretty good view out her back door. This time of year always reminds me of my summer up there in the bush, when we thought that we’d all like to work on a fire “for the experience”, but our survey crew chief wouldn’t release us. In retrospect, I have managed to live a fairly full and satisfying life having never been on a fire line.

    Maybe you could pick up a few hours?

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