good thing I made those mittens

because the forecast high for tomorrow in Waskesiu is +4° C.  That’s May long weekend in Saskatchewan!  I have a meeting up there tomorrow morning.  Guess I won’t wear my cute little skirt.  Unless I put long johns on underneath!

It's the weekend!

It was sunny and warm this morning; Sabrina figured she and the big fella would spend the day like this.  The big fella got out from under her and did some yard work before the weather got nasty.  It’s raining now.

I’ve been working on the new mittens:

Stripey Stripes

I was a little worried on the cuff and first part of the hand.  I didn’t think there was enough contrast between the two colours of yarn, but once I put the thumb gusset on hold, the red came out of the Noro skein, so it’s looking better.  The Mountain Mohair is a good match for the Noro Silk Garden.  Its fibre content is 70% wool, 30% yearling mohair and the texture and fuzz matches the Silk Garden.  These should be pretty warm mittens when done.

Oh, and totally unrelated to cold weather – to that 30ish woman I saw at the grocery store yesterday:  No, being tanned that dark doesn’t make you look healthy.  You look like a dried up old leather boot and twice your actual age.  Sunscreen, already!  (I use SPF 50)


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