Look Ma – no thumbs!

Mitten #1 done (except for thumb)

I finished off the first mitten.  I did the top like the pattern directs (swirly shaping) but this time I decreased only to 12 stitches (first mitten of last pair I decreased to 8 st) and I didn’t graft the stitches (as I did on #1 of last pair); instead I looped the yarn through the remaining 12 st and pulled tight.  I like this result much better!  It’s not too pointy at all.  WTF?!  I typed “8 )” up there and it made a sunglass smiley: 8)

close up of top shaping

I will use this method from now on, I believe.

I started mitten #2 of this pair last night:

Same ball of Noro, different part of the colourway

I just noticed when I was posting these pics on flickr that I have inadvertently done 3 rounds of the last purple stripe there.  Hmm, I don’t know if I’ll rip it back or not.  I’ve already started the thumb gusset.  I’m doing two rounds per colour on the body of the mitten.

I was away most of the day yesterday for work.  The poopers were under the big fella’s supervision.  I came home to find Apollo had an abrasion on his tail (he already has a bald patch on it, but this was something more) and a big scrapey wound on his paw.  They went out in the car with the big fella for the morning.

Mommy, he made me ride in the FrankenBuick! It was horrible!

The FrankenBuick is a 30-year-old green sedan that the big fella refuses to part with.  My car sits out on the driveway because -it- is taking the second spot in the garage.  I hate it.

Look at him:

traumatized for life

However, this morning, all is well:

all better now

We had the poopers out for a brisk walk at 7 this a.m.

settled in for the day

I’m hoping to get out for a bike ride if the wind diminshes somewhat.  It was pretty brisk and cold on our walk.


5 thoughts on “Look Ma – no thumbs!”

  1. Nice mitten! I like the top shaping better also!
    Poor, poor Poopinollo! Aunties sends scritches and kisses for her baby boy! Mwah!

  2. Aw, Mr. Delicious, it also looks like you need to stop licking your yummy armpit/elbow, scoldscold.
    I’m glad he’s feeling better. 8)
    Tahoe had stud tail (the bald patch at the top of the tail) and supposedly if I’d powdered it with corn starch every day to absorb the oil his fur would have grown back.

    1. Apollo has a little skin tag on that elbow there. It comes and goes. He doesn’t lick it too much now that the tag is mostly gone. I occasionally douse the fur with peroxide to bleach it out.

      His tail bald patch is from something in his racing career – like someone bit him or he scraped it on his crate door. It’s further down than where stud tail would be. So it’s an old war wound LOL!

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