Turn a Square, mess your hair

Not really.  It turned out quite loose.

it's a little big

I followed the pattern as written.  I used 3.5 mm for the ribbing and 4 mm for the body.  It’s looser than I prefer for a hat.  I could pull it down more, too, but my eyebrows are already missing!  I gave it a little bath in some hot water and treated it to some agitation.  I think the silk and mohair content in the two yarns will prevent it from felting or shrinking too much.  It’s drying right now.

Raglan decreases on crown

I like how the crown decreases are done.  Different than the usual swirly top hat decreases.

the yarn colours are true in this photo

I like the pattern and will make it again.  I would probably make the body a little shorter before doing the crown decreases.  And might try it with fewer stitches.  Because the decreases are at four points, you could cast on as many stitches as you want, as long as it was divisable by four.

I had a tiny little amount of both yarns left over.


3 thoughts on “Turn a Square, mess your hair”

    1. I usually use a cast on of 84 to 90 stitches when making a hat with worsted weight yarn. Next time I’ll try fewer stitches.

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