It’s all about Apollo

He was looking particularly handsome yesterday:

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a study in misery

The big fella was out in Ontario for 11 days, working the G8 summit.  Sabrina was limp with dismay.  The first couple of days she walked around whining and groaning and moaning.  Then she refused to eat.  We went through a lot of roast chicken just to get something in her belly.  She had diarrhea from the stress and misery (and not eating much).  If I took her out for walks, much of the time she was at the other end of the leash, five feet behind me.  Poor delicate little flower.

wake me up when Daddy's home

The past couple of days she seemed resigned to having only second-place Mommy to love and feed her.  But then the big fella arrived home about noon yesterday, so all was once again well in her rose-coloured world.  They both fell asleep, entwined with each other, on the couch for a few hours in the afternoon.

I had a recipe I wanted to try, so we grilled some steak and I made

stuffed zucchini

The recipe is here. I used two zucchinis instead of four and basically halved the filling/stuffing amounts.  I cut off the tips/tails of the zucchini, but I see from her photos I could have left them on for structure.  I used marbled cheddar.  I should have cubed my potatoes smaller because they took a long time to roast in the oven.  With the olive oil and salt and pepper and basil, it had a really nice flavour.  Will make these again.

After the big fella’s 11 days of meals prepared by a five-star catering staff at Deerhurst Resort, I was worried that my feeble attempts wouldn’t measure up.  But he assured me that supper was fantastic.

I have both pairs of socks down to the foot part, just one more set of decreases on the last sock’s gusset.  Once I get to that “work even” part, they should fly.  Want to get them done so I can start something else.

pair of heels

I finally had some time to knit.  I got both pairs of socks to the heel flaps, then turned the heels on them both.

red socks


blue socks

I have a niggling feeling that I might run short of yarn on the blue socks.  We’ll see.  If I do, I’m sure I have some blue or grey that will fill in if needed.

I’ve been able to get out on my bike for a couple of good long rides this week.  I’ve been going in the morning after walking the poopers while it’s still reasonably cool.  The bugs suck big time, though.  Horrid mosquitoes.

we don't like the mosquitoes

They attack Sabrina way more than Apollo.  I don’t know if it’s because her coat is thinner or because she’s dark-coated?  Apollo is barely bothered by them.  But they were all over us this morning.

meh - we likes the inside ... with air conditioning

I have a couple of new recipes I want to try, but am going to wait a day or two until the weather cools off.  It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so that might be a good baking day.

mini bundt

I made a batch of that sour cream chocolate peanut butter cake but baked it in mini-bundt pans.  I made 12 minis and had enough batter to make a small brownie pan full. I used my regular chocolate ganache and topped it with whipped cream and raspberries:

little Father's Day cakes

I like that cake batter but the cake is so soft it’s not really hearty enough to hold up to those pans.  We still ate it, though.

Mommy, can you turn on the air conditioning?

I was reading the greyhound group on Rav and someone mentioned that Sabrina is in the Summer issue of Celebrating Greyhounds.  We haven’t got that yet, but I found out it was this photo:

waiting for her daddy

That was in May, 2006 after she’d been with us about six weeks.  Look how dark her face is compared to now.

On our walk last night we encountered a six-month-old male Dobie puppy named Duke.  He was adorable – so tall and gangly and wiggly and handsome!  Sabrina felt neglected and upstaged and had a little whine about it.

Apollo deep asleep

I have been busy with post-meeting wrap up (those darn minutes take so long to sort out) but hope to have some sock photos for next time!

Once I get work things caught up, I’ve got to do some work on my computer.  For years my laser printer properties comes up in Portuguese and I can’t change it; the keyboard keeps changing itself to French and I updated Adobe the other day and now I’m getting error messages when I use any MS Office  product because, I assume, I have it set up as an option to “print” to Adobe from MS Office.  Grrr.

ETA:  Oh, I almost forgot about this video, I laughed myself silly.  Poor kitty!

It’s like the momma cat is saying “WTF are you wearing that silly hat for?!”

historic LOLs

I came across this site the other day.  I don’t know how long it’s been up, but I like it!  Cracked me up.  I’ve been super busy this week (meeting tomorrow) and haven’t had a lot of time for goofing off and knitting.

In other news, it’s raining cats and dogs today = lazy, lazy hounds.

Death on a plate*

*aka “green vegetables, what’s that?!”

O. M. G. !! I made this for supper tonight. It probably has two days’ worth of calories in it, but it’s soooooo good! I’d made this before but had a couple of wee problems with it.

Murphy's Hot Hamburger Sandwich & fries & pan gravy

That’s a recipe from Tasty Kitchen (The Pioneer Woman).  Last time I used lean ground beef and ran into problems making the pan gravy.  This time I used regular ground beef and that’s the secret.  (I also thought that Ree, who lives on a cattle/beef ranch probably wouldn’t use lean beef and that’s why hers looked so much better in the pictures than my last attempt.)

I used my cast iron skillet to fry the patties and that worked much better, too.  I always forget how hot the skillet gets and how I need to turn the heat down because once it heats up it’s super hot.  I would have liked to have a crustier crust on them, but they still tasted fantastic.

That’s San Fran style sour dough for the bread – it’s dense and thick enough that it doesn’t disintegrate with the gravy.  And big russet baker’s potatoes for the fries.  I used olive oil, but in looking at Ree’s recipe again she uses canola.  I might try that next time.

hot hamburgers?!

I couldn’t finish my plate, so Sabrina and Apollo got a little burger, gravy and fries to pimp their kibble.  They’re happy, too!

you little tart!

I had some apples I needed to use up, and some cream cheese.  I also bought a tart pan last week.  I found this recipe for an apple tart.


The recipe calls for a springform pan, but I wanted to use my tart pan for the fancy edge:

fancy schmancy fluted edge!

I had a bit extra crust and filling because the tart pan doesn’t have as high edges as the springform.  I also discovered that the tart pan bottom isn’t secured in like a springform.  So when one lifts it up to put in the fridge, if one simply lifts in the middle of the bottom of the pan, the edge/ring falls off.  And the crust falls all over the floor.  Grrr.  (You press the crust into the pan, then pop it in the fridge while you finish the filling and the apple topping.)  So that extra shortbread crust material left over was put to good use.

the shortbread crust is really tasty and crisp


it's like a mix between cheese cake and apple pie

I will definitely make this again; it’s very good.

Saturday drive

We were up and out early this a.m. before it got too hot.  We blasted down to Saskatoon to go to three places.

chillin' in the hound hauler

(crappy Blackberry photo)

We were almost out of dog cookies, so we HAD to go!  Also hit up the bookstore; got one of these, and this in kiwi green soft cover and two of these, and this.  And hit the yarn store on our way out. I got some more Noro Silk Garden and two hanks of sock yarn (you know, just in case I might run out).  The owner asks after Sabrina and Apollo and has peanut butter dog cookies behind the counter, so they LOVE to go to the yarn store.  Whereas the big fella finds it boring.  Three to one wins!

Mortimer Snerd

(The view from the outside is as horrific as you’d expect.)

ETA hair cut photos:

shorty short!

I haven’t had it coloured since January and holy moly – grey!

yep, still there!

On the other hand, my natural colour is a lot lighter than I’d thought.