These could be addicting

I finished another Turn a Square hat:

Noro and Cascade

I used an 88 stitch cast on, used 3.5 mm needles for the ribbing and 4 mm for the body.  I didn’t increase after the ribbing as the pattern directs.  I worked the crown for 5.25 inches, then began the raglan decreases.  Because of the smaller cast on, I didn’t have as many crown decrease rounds; therefore made the “body” longer.  It fits perfectly!

turn a square!

This was with Cascade 220 Heathers and Noro Silk Garden.  The Noro is pretty fuzzy and hairy, but the Cascade is nice and firm.

Why I like dogs:

funny pictures of cats with captions
Lolcats and funny pictures


2 thoughts on “These could be addicting”

  1. Great looking hat! (Great model, too! You wear hats well.)

    I’m going to try your formula for this patten. I’m eager to use the Magic Loop method for this hat.

    You say that you did “3.5 mm for the ribbing and 4 mm for the body.” Do you know what that would be in inches?

    Thanks for sharing your style on this hat.

  2. Looks great!

    And LOL @ the LOLcat–around here we call that “the Berkeley Flop” as it is quite popular among the professional protesters of Berkeley.

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