sunshine shenanigans

Of an afternoon, once the sun comes around to our south-facing bay window, the old hounds like to bath in its warmth:

Where's Sabrina?

Pop-up greyhound:

there she is!

(Hope she didn’t disturb you there, Apollo.)

couch potato

In between bouts of rain, we’ve taken the poopers out.  Yesterday was Day 1 of a five-day rain forecast.

why can't it always be sunny?


my beauty is a curse!


I think this one is stretching the "glamour" title a bit ...

I’ve started another pair of socks, men’s socks using some Regia that has been perfectly aged in the stash.  Pics tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “sunshine shenanigans”

  1. Aw, man, so many good pics in this post I had to send the link to Nick instead of the usual just sending him the Sabrina pics. 🙂 Ours almost never touch each other, especially while sleeping–or if they do, Crivens’ eyes will be wide in terror. “Can’t move, Little Bitch will savage me…”

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