socks, and then some

Instead of starting some mittens or another Turn-a-Square hat, I started another pair of socks.

Regia Patch Antik Color #5758

I have had this yarn in my sock stash for a few years.  I see it’s now discontinued, so I’ve probably had it four or five years.  Its time is right!  I’m using my usual men’s formula, cast on 72 stitches on 2.25 mm needles, rib 1×1 for 2 inches, then 7×1 ribbing for the leg.

great colours!

I pulled the yarn out from the center a little bit and saw a point where I could probably get the socks to be identical twins.  So I cut off a few yards from one ball to get it to match the other and away I went.  In an instance of sock-knitting serendipity, my gauge and cast on number makes the grey-ticked section between the colours of the yarn be one complete round of knitting, so a perfect stripe.  It will get all messed up when doing the heel flap and turning, but the leg and hopefully the foot will be this way.

the other socks I've got going

These are the Fortissima socks I’d started a while ago.  The yarn is a graduated raggy blend, so no defining point to try to match them up.  Although in looking at that photo, it seems the sock on the left is upside down in the colour progression compared to the right …

wake us up when the rain stops

The weather this weekend has been hit and miss; showers, then sun.  Then hard pelting rain, then wind and black clouds.  We’ve popped out when the sun has been out but it’s been very unsettled.


3 thoughts on “socks, and then some”

  1. I love the blue socks. I never thought of using a 1 x 7 ribbing for the leg. I have only made my husband one pair of socks and I did them on a size 1 needle. It really took a long time for me. I also used 72 stitches but for some reason that seemed to make the heel look baggy. They look good when he puts them on though. Maybe I will try another pair. I actually like the Fortissama. It is sort of sparkly. You are really a sock maniac. Wow so many socks and life is just so short.

    1. I like using some type of ribbing on the legs/foot to keep them snug and not floopy. 7×1 is good for men’s socks. I did a pair for me recently with 7×1 and it was okay, too but I personally prefer 3×1 rib for women’s socks.

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