life’s too short to knit with ugly yarn

Yeah, those Fortissima socks just weren’t doing it for me.  Blech.  I knit the second sock to the same point as the first and realized the colourway wasn’t improving.  So I ripped them out.

I dug around in my sock stash and found some Trekking (XXL) yarn:

Trekking #122, red, orange, grey stripes

I cast on 68 stitches, ribbed 1×1 for 1.75″ and am doing the leg in 3×1 rib.

Been busy doing some work; starting to prep for our meeting next Friday.  Have a hair appointment this aft.

poor mistreated Sabrina

She nested her blanket until it fell off the couch and I didn’t jump immediately to fix it.

what's all the fuss?

Apollo has his blanket juuuust right!


3 thoughts on “life’s too short to knit with ugly yarn”

  1. Oh, wow, I was just thinking that the Fortissima sock yarn was some of the nicest I’d seen for some time! I’d offer to trade, but I’m not sure I have anything you’d like…

    As always, I’m loving the dog photos. ‘my beauty is a curse!’ – absolutely. And I’m glad to see that Woody isn’t hte only hound who nests until it’s unusable, bless is dozy puppy brain…

  2. Oh, we hatez it when teh blanket thing happens here. That look about captures it.

    Apollo is so goddamned beautiful. I love that picture.

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