Saturday drive

We were up and out early this a.m. before it got too hot.  We blasted down to Saskatoon to go to three places.

chillin' in the hound hauler

(crappy Blackberry photo)

We were almost out of dog cookies, so we HAD to go!  Also hit up the bookstore; got one of these, and this in kiwi green soft cover and two of these, and this.  And hit the yarn store on our way out. I got some more Noro Silk Garden and two hanks of sock yarn (you know, just in case I might run out).  The owner asks after Sabrina and Apollo and has peanut butter dog cookies behind the counter, so they LOVE to go to the yarn store.  Whereas the big fella finds it boring.  Three to one wins!

Mortimer Snerd

(The view from the outside is as horrific as you’d expect.)

ETA hair cut photos:

shorty short!

I haven’t had it coloured since January and holy moly – grey!

yep, still there!

On the other hand, my natural colour is a lot lighter than I’d thought.


6 thoughts on “Saturday drive”

  1. Naaaa, color it. That’s why God invented hair color, so that we don’t have to wear it grey or any other color we don’t like.

  2. Priest does that nose thing too! It cracks me up every time. Then he snerks when the wind goes down his nose the wrong way, and shifts over to the other window, thinking the same thing won’t happen. 🙂

    Great hair! I got mine trimmed this weekend too, and was telling the stylist how proud I was of my gray hairs, so I say leave them! You earned each and every one of them!

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