you little tart!

I had some apples I needed to use up, and some cream cheese.  I also bought a tart pan last week.  I found this recipe for an apple tart.


The recipe calls for a springform pan, but I wanted to use my tart pan for the fancy edge:

fancy schmancy fluted edge!

I had a bit extra crust and filling because the tart pan doesn’t have as high edges as the springform.  I also discovered that the tart pan bottom isn’t secured in like a springform.  So when one lifts it up to put in the fridge, if one simply lifts in the middle of the bottom of the pan, the edge/ring falls off.  And the crust falls all over the floor.  Grrr.  (You press the crust into the pan, then pop it in the fridge while you finish the filling and the apple topping.)  So that extra shortbread crust material left over was put to good use.

the shortbread crust is really tasty and crisp


it's like a mix between cheese cake and apple pie

I will definitely make this again; it’s very good.


2 thoughts on “you little tart!”

  1. well, hmmpfff! I certainly did NOT get an invitation to come over for coffee and tart! Funny too as I am on holidays all month and available ANYTIME to come and test these things you bake you know!!!!!!!!!!!!

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