Death on a plate*

*aka “green vegetables, what’s that?!”

O. M. G. !! I made this for supper tonight. It probably has two days’ worth of calories in it, but it’s soooooo good! I’d made this before but had a couple of wee problems with it.

Murphy's Hot Hamburger Sandwich & fries & pan gravy

That’s a recipe from Tasty Kitchen (The Pioneer Woman).  Last time I used lean ground beef and ran into problems making the pan gravy.  This time I used regular ground beef and that’s the secret.  (I also thought that Ree, who lives on a cattle/beef ranch probably wouldn’t use lean beef and that’s why hers looked so much better in the pictures than my last attempt.)

I used my cast iron skillet to fry the patties and that worked much better, too.  I always forget how hot the skillet gets and how I need to turn the heat down because once it heats up it’s super hot.  I would have liked to have a crustier crust on them, but they still tasted fantastic.

That’s San Fran style sour dough for the bread – it’s dense and thick enough that it doesn’t disintegrate with the gravy.  And big russet baker’s potatoes for the fries.  I used olive oil, but in looking at Ree’s recipe again she uses canola.  I might try that next time.

hot hamburgers?!

I couldn’t finish my plate, so Sabrina and Apollo got a little burger, gravy and fries to pimp their kibble.  They’re happy, too!


One thought on “Death on a plate*”

  1. Jeezus that looks like heaven! I had a steak sammy for lunch today. Yummy! Only slightly spoiled by the vulgarians at the next table. I wanted to tell them to STFU but that would have been stooping to their level.

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