mini bundt

I made a batch of that sour cream chocolate peanut butter cake but baked it in mini-bundt pans.  I made 12 minis and had enough batter to make a small brownie pan full. I used my regular chocolate ganache and topped it with whipped cream and raspberries:

little Father's Day cakes

I like that cake batter but the cake is so soft it’s not really hearty enough to hold up to those pans.  We still ate it, though.

Mommy, can you turn on the air conditioning?

I was reading the greyhound group on Rav and someone mentioned that Sabrina is in the Summer issue of Celebrating Greyhounds.  We haven’t got that yet, but I found out it was this photo:

waiting for her daddy

That was in May, 2006 after she’d been with us about six weeks.  Look how dark her face is compared to now.

On our walk last night we encountered a six-month-old male Dobie puppy named Duke.  He was adorable – so tall and gangly and wiggly and handsome!  Sabrina felt neglected and upstaged and had a little whine about it.

Apollo deep asleep

I have been busy with post-meeting wrap up (those darn minutes take so long to sort out) but hope to have some sock photos for next time!

Once I get work things caught up, I’ve got to do some work on my computer.  For years my laser printer properties comes up in Portuguese and I can’t change it; the keyboard keeps changing itself to French and I updated Adobe the other day and now I’m getting error messages when I use any MS Office  product because, I assume, I have it set up as an option to “print” to Adobe from MS Office.  Grrr.

ETA:  Oh, I almost forgot about this video, I laughed myself silly.  Poor kitty!

It’s like the momma cat is saying “WTF are you wearing that silly hat for?!”


One thought on “mini bundt”

  1. Dear Terri–
    I have been slowly plugging away on the greyhound sweater from CG, btwn taking care of 3 kids & 3 greys & 1 hubby (there are limits there.) Wanted to thank you so much for posting the pattern online as I have been staring at the CG pattern in great confusion when I got to the short row shaping. I will admit, this is my first attempt of said technique, but I was completely baffled by “knot to wrap”! Knot it? Really? How? Well, really I was watching Anne of Green Gables with my youngest and hoping to put a few rows in but was too lazy to get up and research further and instead sat in bafflement berating myself for not being a more knowledgeable knitter. All was made clear however when I got to your delightful blog. A simple typo and I am feeling less incompetent. Love your blog and will return frequently. Thanks for sharing! pv

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