a study in misery

The big fella was out in Ontario for 11 days, working the G8 summit.  Sabrina was limp with dismay.  The first couple of days she walked around whining and groaning and moaning.  Then she refused to eat.  We went through a lot of roast chicken just to get something in her belly.  She had diarrhea from the stress and misery (and not eating much).  If I took her out for walks, much of the time she was at the other end of the leash, five feet behind me.  Poor delicate little flower.

wake me up when Daddy's home

The past couple of days she seemed resigned to having only second-place Mommy to love and feed her.  But then the big fella arrived home about noon yesterday, so all was once again well in her rose-coloured world.  They both fell asleep, entwined with each other, on the couch for a few hours in the afternoon.

I had a recipe I wanted to try, so we grilled some steak and I made

stuffed zucchini

The recipe is here. I used two zucchinis instead of four and basically halved the filling/stuffing amounts.  I cut off the tips/tails of the zucchini, but I see from her photos I could have left them on for structure.  I used marbled cheddar.  I should have cubed my potatoes smaller because they took a long time to roast in the oven.  With the olive oil and salt and pepper and basil, it had a really nice flavour.  Will make these again.

After the big fella’s 11 days of meals prepared by a five-star catering staff at Deerhurst Resort, I was worried that my feeble attempts wouldn’t measure up.  But he assured me that supper was fantastic.

I have both pairs of socks down to the foot part, just one more set of decreases on the last sock’s gusset.  Once I get to that “work even” part, they should fly.  Want to get them done so I can start something else.


One thought on “a study in misery”

  1. Poor baby girl, I had no idea! That’s it, he’s not allowed to leave you guys EVER again. Ever. Poor, poor baby girl.

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