It’s all about Apollo

He was looking particularly handsome yesterday:

1. IMG_3926cr, 2. IMG_3902, 3. IMG_3907, 4. IMG_3909, 5. IMG_3910, 6. IMG_3912, 7. IMG_3914, 8. IMG_3917, 9. IMG_3918, 10. IMG_3920, 11. IMG_3922, 12. IMG_3923, 13. IMG_3924


7 thoughts on “It’s all about Apollo”

  1. He’s got Bill beat, hands down, when it comes to handsome, but Bill has Apollo beat when it comes to stupid.

    Great photo session!

    1. LOL! For those readers who don’t know, Bill is Jan’s dog. And he’s very handsome in his own right. I’ll refrain from commenting on his intelligence. 😉

  2. Oh, what a beautiful boy! I’m particularly amused by the full-on yawn second from left at the top, and totally smitten by the flirty wink, second from bottom at the right. Smooches, pretty boy! 😛

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