It’s all about Apollo

He was looking particularly handsome yesterday:

1. IMG_3926cr, 2. IMG_3902, 3. IMG_3907, 4. IMG_3909, 5. IMG_3910, 6. IMG_3912, 7. IMG_3914, 8. IMG_3917, 9. IMG_3918, 10. IMG_3920, 11. IMG_3922, 12. IMG_3923, 13. IMG_3924


7 responses

    • LOL! For those readers who don’t know, Bill is Jan’s dog. And he’s very handsome in his own right. I’ll refrain from commenting on his intelligence. 😉

  1. Oh, what a beautiful boy! I’m particularly amused by the full-on yawn second from left at the top, and totally smitten by the flirty wink, second from bottom at the right. Smooches, pretty boy! 😛

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