Massive Meringue Malfunction

I was doing some prep work today for our brisket supper tomorrow.  Instead of my usual dessert of choice (anything with chocolate) I was going to give something new a try.  I came across this recipe for meringues with whipped cream and berries.  Click through to see the recipe and the pretty picture.

Then look at how mine turned out:

flat, as in "pancake"

I tried three times to make the meringues.  I’m a pretty good cook and a really good baker.  I’ve made countless lemon meringue pies and never had any problem whipping egg whites.  The first two batches I used my Cuisinart hand mixer with the whisk attachment and both times ended up with soupy sugary egg whites.  The third time I brought out Big Green (KitchenAid stand mixer) and used a different carton of eggs and while they whisked up better than the first two batches, they still were very flat and soft.  It got to “soft peak” stage and I continued to beat them (as the recipe and my cooking/baking textbooks said) but then I could see them starting to get soupy instead of going to hard peak.  Gah!  (The humidity was 40 – 42%.)

they could have been soooo pretty

So we might try them tomorrow, but I have an alternate dessert ready as well.  How dare they not whip up for me!

Sabrina hates it when things go poorly in the kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Massive Meringue Malfunction”

  1. I don’t think they’re “that” flat, and no one will notice if you don’t say anything and pile them with fruit as in the original.

    And, ya, the Princess looks really sad!;-))

    1. I tried old eggs, I tried new eggs. Two batches were room temperature and the other was cooler. I blame the humidity.

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