check your calorie counter at the door

because it’s brisket night!  It was time for a Memphis Feast. I used the recipes in my Memphis Blues BBQ cookbook.  (Love that cookbook!)

brisket with the dry rub applied

When I did a Memphis Feast the last time (almost a year to the day – interesting!), I didn’t have a brisket, but made do with two rib plates tied together. The brisket has a big fat layer on top. Fat = flavour!  It was also much thicker, so I had the barbeque fired up and the brisket on by 9:30 a.m.

the set up

We got a new natural gas bbq a month or so ago.  Other than a few steaks, this was its big debut.  The grill has four burners.  The smoker box (filled with applewood chips) sits on the left side burners, and those are lit.  It provides the heat and the burning wood provides the smoke.  The right side, where the meat is, does not have the burners on.  The temperature should be about 275°F.  I kept replenishing the wood as needed and the brisket was wet-mopped hourly to keep it from drying out.

visions of brisket dancing in his head

About two hours away from suppertime I put the potatoes on.  They, too, are on indirect heat.  They are cut in thirds and butter and sliced onion are put in between, then all wrapped up in foil.

Eight or so hours after the beginning, we have the masterpiece:

a plate of yummy goodness

So we had the brisket, bbq sauce, potatoes, coleslaw, cornbread muffins, smokey bbq beans, lemonade, and San Pellegrino with ice and lemon/lime slices.  I did the beans in the crock pot and they tasted as good as when I did them on the grill the last time and it was a little easier.  We also grilled a couple of chicken breasts doused in the homemade bbq sauce.

The day before I made the coleslaw, the bbq sauce, the dry rub, simple syrup for the lemonade, and the flat meringues.  The day of, I got the brisket going, made the beans (with bacon) for the crock pot, kept dousing the brisket with the wet mop, made the cornbread muffins, potatoes, whipped the cream for dessert, etc.  (I’m making note of this for my future reference when I do  this again.)

Ah yes, the dessert:

dessert combo plate

We decided to eat both the disappointing meringues and the chocolate cake.  Topped with whipped cream and raspberries and blackberries.  Very tasty!  The meringue had a nice light texture and flavour.  I’ll definitely try those again with hopes of better results.

Just to keep things interesting, at about 5 p.m. (1 hour out from suppertime) we had a violent storm hit us.  Very high, driving winds and torrential rains.  The power flickered, flickered, on, dimmed, then finally went out.  Luckily by that time I’d completed everything I needed power for and the brisket and potatoes were unaffected by lack of power.  After an hour or so, the power was restored and we dined.  I took a video of the storm, but can’t get it to embed here.  Click through to view.  (We don’t have any trees in our yard, but all the surrounding houses do.  They’re all quite tall and they were bending in the wind.  The wind blew my glider across the deck and we had to maneuver the bbq so that the wind and rain weren’t putting out the flame.  Extreme grilling!)

We went for a drive around the city this a.m. and the damages were confined to the north-east/south-east part of the city.  There were many trees down (dozens on our walking trail) and some businesses had their signs smashed out by the force of the rain and winds.

Last night after we were done supper and the weather cleared, we took the poopers out for an evening walk.  The mosquitoes were all afrenzy after the storm.

how could you?!

Apollo is appalled that I permitted a mosquito to bite him.


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