One of the dvds I received from was about the US Presidential memorials.  While I was watching it, I remembered our trip to Washington D.C. in September 1989.  We only spent about six or seven hours in the city but managed to hit a few of the sights.

nice pants, bitch

Nice mullet, too.  And that was about 25 pounds ago.  Oh, metabolism, I miss you so! Anyway, I thought I had a photo of me in front of the Washington monument, but no, it was the big fella.  I got to pose in front of the Capitol building. So much history in such a small area – the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial (the reflecting pool!), the Smithsonian museums (where we spent most of our day)  That was a fun trip – we did a road trip from here to the Eastern Seaboard, south to DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Maine, back via Vermont, Quebec and Ontario.  I’d love to go back to DC some day; there was so much more to see.  We had to run past the Vietnam Veterans Memorial because a tow truck was approaching to haul our car away. They were pretty serious about their rush-hour parking restrictions!


3 thoughts on “monumental”

  1. Yes, that certainly is an 80’s picture! I remember that trip too, you brought back tons of OshKosh clothing for Riley!

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