baking and socks*

*(no, not bacon and socks, Ande)

I had a couple of recipes bookmarked that I wanted to try.  Yesterday I mixed up the dough for this no-knead bread, then I tried a new brownie recipe.  The brownie was very good.  The icing however, was very, very sweet.  I followed the recipe exactly.  I baked it 35 minutes and put the icing on as soon as it was out of the oven.  I added walnuts.  No, I didn’t – I added pecans.  Didn’t have any walnuts.  I would make the brownie again, but next time I’d use a ganache instead of the icing recipe.

This recipe got me thinking about the difference in brownies made with cocoa vs those made with melted chocolate.  I wonder if anyone’s done a comparative blog post or experiment on that.  [eta: I found this interesting treatise on brownies but it doesn’t address the cocoa/chocolate conundrum. I’m on it and will report back after my research is complete.]

we thought you said bacon (sigh)

The bread was an interesting process.  The deal with no-knead bread is that you mix it, let it rise a long time, turn it out and it rests a little more, then you bake it in a casserole or heavy dish. The recipe I used was here.  She has some nice photos.  I think it wasn’t warm enough in here because it took quite a bit longer than two hours for the second rise.  I resorted to putting a lamp over it to speed it up.  I think it should have risen higher than it did during cooking.

holey bread baking, Batman!

The “everything” spice made the dough smell wonderful all evening yesterday and today.  Tasting the bread, I found the spice a bit heavy on the salt, though, so next time I’d cut that back a little.  I had a little snack:

bubbly melted cheese

The idea is intriguing, but I think 1) my water amount was off; and 2) it was a little loose and sloppy even after the two hours’ resting time.  Weirdly I had the tv on during the last bit of rising and the show “It’s Just Food” was doing bread and they whipped up a no-knead in no time using the same recipe.  They said 1 2/3 c of water but their linked recipe is the same, 1 5/8 c of water (1.5  c plus 2 Tbs).  [eta: 1 2/3 c = 1.66 c = 378.8 ml and 1 5/8 c = 1.62 c = 369.3 ml  So is 9.5 ml enough to throw it off??]  Also when they were manipulating the dough prior/after the 2 hour rest, it was a lot more elastic and less gloopy than mine.  Regardless, the big fella gives it a big thumbs up, so I will try it again.  I used bread flour.  (Also note to self: baked 30 minutes with lid on, then only about 10 min with lid off.)

but now is there any bacon?


nope, there's no bacon

I managed to finish off the socks I’d been working on:

do these socks make my belly look big?

The blue ones are Regia “Patch Antik” colour #5758 (perfectly aged in the stash) and the red ones are Trekking XXL colour #122.  They matched up pretty good (each pair, I mean – not all four together).  I plan on donating these to our greyhound group’s fundraising picnic/auction in September.  I’m interested how they will be received.  If no one bids on them, we will.  I had to grab them away from the big fella as he thought the blue ones were for him.

blue men's socks


red women's (or maybe boys'?) socks

I just finished these this evening and haven’t anything else on the go.  I was thinking of starting a shawl, and getting back to some mittens and maybe another Turn-a-Square hat.  I’ll have to think about that tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “baking and socks*”

    1. Thanks for the link, Jen. I did mix it up in the afternoon and it sat for 18 hours overnight. Next time I’ll use 1.5 c water and make sure it’s warm enough while it rises.

  1. Your bread looks better than mine usually do–I love those big gassy holes.

    And yes, even through the eyes of love, wearing nothing but socks does make one’s bellah look a wee bit big. 😉

  2. BACONS!!!!!! Oh wait…baking….*sigh*
    The bread looks great! I will have to try it!
    Apollo in nothing but socks is dead sexy! I don’t care if he’s got a bit of a pooch! ;-P

  3. Handknit socks! Well, we’ll come up with a plan of attack, then. Because I’d bid on them too!

    Bread looks amazing. Yum! Have you considered elevation above sea level as a factor in the rising? I think it can make a difference sometimes. I know there have been recipes I’ve made that have failed miserably, and I’m sure it’s because it’s written for conditions (humidity, barometric pressure, etc) at sea level.

  4. Aha! I was able to access this new site from work! The internet police have not blocked it yet! I show the girls pics of the dogs when I can and we all had a laugh over the “bacon” comments the dogs made. Apollo is so handsome! He should get some bacon.

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