veg chili

I looked for a veggie chili recipe a while back.  I had some at a restaurant and it was so good.  I’d been meaning to try it out.

chili with sourdough toast and milk

The recipe I used is here. I used 19 oz cans of beans (not 15 oz) and used kidney, black, navy and garbanzo beans.  I thought the four cups of water was going to make it too soupy, so instead I used 3 cups.  When it came time to add the tomato paste, I just added it in (actually, I added two x 6 oz cans) instead of diluting it with 1 c of water.  It made the chili thicker.  Next time I’d probably either use crushed tomatoes instead of the diced-with-liquid added, or reduce the water added (maybe 2 cups instead of the 3 I used here).

chili beans

The seasoning was just chili powder, sugar and Worcestershire sauce.  I used 2 heaping tablespoons of chili powder and a heaping teaspoon of cocoa-chili powder.  Next time  I might reduce the Worc sauce, and I’d add some salt and pepper.  Instead of white sugar I’d add brown.  I would also add a pinch or two of cayenne pepper to heat it up.

And what goes with chili?  Why, beer, of course:

Apollo gets his rheumatism medicine

Apollo came to us with an already-acquired taste for beer.  He loves it.  He’ll look longingly at the big fella when he is having one, then will limp about pathetically, then look pointedly at the big fella’s beer glass.  He gets a little bit in a custard cup, burps, then curls up for a nap.

I started the Traveling Woman shawl (Rav link) using some Araucania Ranco (solid) that I had almost forgotten about.  The colour is “iron” and it looks like a tonal dye.  Nice and rich.  I’ll get a pic once it’s further along.

oh, p.s.  I’m still investigating the cocoa vs melted chocolate brownie angle.  I might have to do some experiments.


One thought on “veg chili”

  1. Nom nom! Tahoe used to like a bit of oaky Cabernet, Crivens is partial to a bright chardonnay. I love that picture of Apollo gettin’ his medicine. 🙂

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