sparkling white

Apollo had a bath this afternoon.  I noticed the other day his coat felt a little dusty, so I enlisted the help of the big fella to lift Tubby McPoundage into the tub for me and to stand by and speak encouragingly to the big boy.

I brushed him before we bathed him and got a fair bit of fluff.  He didn’t look that dirty, but you can tell he’s sparkling white now:

his fur is soooo soft

His brisket in particular is so soft and clean.


And of course he got a little bit of beer for his rheumatism, and his bath bravery!

While Sabrina (aka Gladys Kravitz) was poking her nose in, once she figured out that a bath was in progress, she wasn’t so keen.

Thumb gusset done on Mitten #1.


3 thoughts on “sparkling white”

  1. What a good brave boy! Yes he is!

    I have to do that to my two bitches today and I’ve been putting it off. Crivens sometimes tries to lay down and it’s hell on my back.

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