yarn, yarn, everywhere – and not a stitch to knit

I’ve been having a busy week.  The week of my board meeting is always this way.  Add in a couple of appointments (doctor, hair cut, blood work) and a trip to the airport, the actual meeting on Friday,  there’s my week gone.

even my bits are sparkling white!

Apollo’s fur is sooo soft and silky smooth since his bath.

I had to stop at the yarn store yesterday on our way out of the city. My mom had lost an earring when we were down there the week before and we checked to see if it had turned up at the store. Well, lucky for me, Charlene just opened a yarn shipment and there was some Zauberball sock yarn there, so I had first pick of it. Fab! I got a couple of balls of that, then two skeins of Cascade 220 Heathers to use for my mittens/hat addiction.

Then this morning I had a parcel come from KnitPicks.  I saw in their catalogue they had a good deal on some tonal sock yarn.  I got the “Winter Cruise Sock Yarn” kit.  I doubt I’ll use the patterns, but it was a good price for the sock yarn.  Great colours, too.

Mitten, #1

The other night I did manage to finish a mitten (except for the thumb).  I’ve been working a little on the second one.  They are so addicting – the stripes, the Noro colour changes, the gusset, then the top shaping.

But, for now, back to work!


4 thoughts on “yarn, yarn, everywhere – and not a stitch to knit”

  1. Can’t wait to see your zauberballs. Seems a big hype over here, too, but as I am on a yarn diet, NOT for me. Swimming in the pond makes nice soft fur, too, but having a shower is better of course (for the humans feeling the fur, not for the doggy in the bathroom of course). Our whities are a lot closer to the ground than yours but they usually only need a bath when they choose to perfume themselves in what only they think smells good (or go into the kennel in the car wet and get out of it with yellowish stains – no idea where this comes from, seems to be the kennel”wall”).
    Oh and DID you find the earring?

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