more mitten mania!

As I’d noted, I finished the Noro striped mittens.  Thoroughly addicted to that pattern/idea!

perfect fit!

I might tweak the thumbs a little next time.

mphsm smsjlhhm mhppwmwh*

*Apollo says “get this mitten off me, mommy.  Unless you really want me to wear it …”

just ignore her, Apollo

This is a very true representation of the colours of the Noro (and the Cascade, too):

great colours!

There are more photos if you click through to my flickr page and/or my Rav project page.

Someone posted this on Rav:

If you’re familiar with Jane Austen, you might find it funny.  I did.

I had a long day Friday at our board meeting.  I worked until 11:30 last night doing the minutes, etc.  Our AGM is on Thursday, so I have some work to do to prepare for that.  My point being I haven’t knit a stitch in days!  I might start a scarf to use up the rest of the Noro/Cascade.


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