drive by posting

This week has been really busy – I had our board’s annual general meeting yesterday.  It started with a bat in the meeting hall (ah, heritage buildings are grand!) and went downhill from there.  Through a mis-communication, some information that should have been provided for the meeting was not and (I felt) made me look incompetent.  I was not happy.

But I shook it off, got to have lunch with a good friend and catch up with her.  I still managed to get home by 3:30 and the big fella arrived shortly after, so we took the poopers up to Bryant Park for a walk in the shady trees because it was so hot out.  We got ice cream at Dairy Queen on our way home, and everyone was much happier then.  Buster Bars for the win!  (Well, the poopers got baby sundaes with no toppings, but they were happy with that, too!)

look, a mitten!

Last night I finished mitten #1.  This is the Classic Mitten pattern that has slightly different top shaping. (You can click the link on that page for a printer-friendly version.)  That is Noro Silk Garden #302.  The rest of the skein is pink and purply variegations.  I’ve got #2 started.  I think Silk Garden is awesome for mittens!  I’m knitting them quite dense (using 3.5 mm needles) and they’re very soft.

Apollo assumes the position he spends 20 hours a day in

We were outside the other evening and I took some photos with my zoom lens.  I’ll post some of the good ones next time, but here’s a taste:

fastest dogs in the world

Got my hair cut again last week – I thought she’d cut it shorter than last time, but I guess she didn’t.  Wow, look at the natural “highlights” …

easy style!

I’m strangely okay with not getting it coloured.  It’s interesting to see what’s my “real” colour (grey and all) after several years of hair dye.

Have a ton of work to do resulting from the meeting yesterday, so I’d better get at it.


8 thoughts on “drive by posting”

  1. Hey- liking the haircut. I too have decided to let my natural “highlights” emerge, and it’s not so bad as I thought it would be.

    That’s an interesting pattern for the mitts. Silk garden colours don’t seem to be as much of a crapshoot as Kureyon- softer. I often wonder what those Noro people are smokin’ in the dye shed.

    1. I’ve somehow accumulated a lot of Noro – and until I started these mittens and hats, didn’t know what I’d use it for! I’m loving it!

  2. Another vote for ‘natural highlights’ here. This summer, at age 59, I decided to check out my natural color after years and years.

    Whatta shock! If I had to pay for all those ‘highlights’ I would be in the poor house.

    Funny, though, I really like it! Glad you are enjoying yours too!

  3. Hey your hair looks fabulous, and whatever color that t-shirt is, it’s your color! Is it taupe (which happens to be on of my favorite colors)?

    After once trying to be blond, I decided I never wanted the hassle of trying to keep up a color so I’m slowly going grey, But I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my “highlights” I went in for a trim recently, and the woman sitting in the chair beside mine told her stylist “I want my hair colored like hers” pointing at me.

    Now if I could just stop my hair from falling out, I’d be pretty happy. I think it’s punishment for my vanity.

    1. Thanks, Lori! That t-shirt is a slatey blueish grey (with a pink greyhound on the front) that I got from

  4. Absolutely love your hair, Terri. I, too, have decided to stay with my natural highlights and keep it short. I do not want to be a slave to my hair. Interestingly, hubby loves it. I decided rather than color the hair, I’ll just wear good colors for clothes. Works for me. The mittens are great!

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