brownies redux

I wanted to try that brownie recipe again, but this time use the Bakers Gold 70% chocolate instead of the bittersweet.  I also added 1/2 c chopped pecans.   The big fella thinks brownies are “boring” if they don’t have nuts. (Here’s someone else’s blog entry about that same recipe.)

brownies version 2
Triple Chocolate Brownies

They turned out most excellently.  I baked them 32 minutes and cooled them for two hours before cutting them.  They’re nice and moist and chocolatey.

triple chocolate!
impossible to resist

Interesting note:  if you use white sugar, you’ll get that lovely crackly top on your brownies.  If you use brown sugar, you get a dull, cakey looking top.  White sugar for the win!

While I was waiting for them to cool, I cast on for a Sockhead Hat using some Noro Silk Garden sock yarn.  I have accumulated various Noro yarns and am trying to use them up.  Such pretty colours!  I did try once to make a pair of socks with the Silk Garden sock but my usual 2.25 mm needles weren’t quite right and I never did figure out a good stitch number/needle/gauge combo.

meeting of the minds?
zombie greyhounds

The heat and humidity continues – they’re content to stay inside in a/c comfort.  I don’t blame them.  I rode 10 miles this a.m. on my bike at 8 a.m. and it was already feeling hot and muggy.

Sabrina and her octopus
weekend's over ... just me and my octopus


3 thoughts on “brownies redux”

  1. i agree with the old man. i’m not even a pecan person, but i have to have a crunch to the brownie, otherwise it’s just an undercooked dense cake.

    you need that s-shaped tin!

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