Things I’d never thought I’d post

Alas, Ande’s evil influence has come to this. Yes, those are Crocs (but they’re turquoise – how could I refuse?). I’d found lately when standing in the kitchen a lot, my knee was getting achy. So I’ll wear these around the house. They will never see the light of day outside my front door!

Crocs call this "sea blue" but I say turquoise!

(Actually, the “model” of Crocs is “baya” and they say “crocs” on the side instead of just the regular holes.)

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5 thoughts on “Things I’d never thought I’d post”

  1. For winter, I highly recommend the Haflinger ‘Classic’ Slipper. They actually have some arch support and are so comfy. I’ve had mine for about 10 years and I love them so much I can’t bear to replace them, even though I’ve pretty much worn them through.

  2. Fashionable? Not really, but what they do for aching knees is nothing short of amazing. I love them, have just worn out pair #12 and will go for more.

    The colors? There are times that I have been forced to cover my eyes, the fashion statement that they make is that loud and jarring but I will wear them with my boldest and brightest hand knit socks.

    Now that you have outed Ande, maybe she will post photos of hers too!

    They have become hubby’s favorite ‘around the house’ shoes, but only in black…he’s not as brave as we are.

    Oh, and my daughter, who is so horribly fit that she has no knee/ankle issues, only fashion issues, calls them Tupperware shoes!

  3. Mine are lime green. I had to start calling them my “frogs” instead of crocs. I got them to wear out in the yard (in case of a missed dog poo) but found that I would forget to take them off when I came in the house. (After checking for poo of course.) They are just so comfortable.

  4. They’re great for gardening.
    I have two pairs of their thongs, too. They’re not so bulky.
    Fabian likes to chew them.

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