Where’s Waldo?

or Sabrina?

where could she be?

There’s no point to making the bed until she decided she’s getting up.

it was chilly over night and I had the window open a bit

She dug and nested the blankets but couldn’t quite get covered up, so I helped her out.  She was cold.

Yesterday I made another Turn-a-Square hat:

96 stitches

I used 96 stitches and worked the crown to 6″ before beginning the raglan decreases.  This is Noro Silk Garden #284 left over from the mittens, and Cascade 220 Heathers in 2447.  Rav link here.


The Cascade has some little twists of purple in the blue.  Really nice colour.

Apollo is ambivalent


as is Sabrina

I  was messing around with my zoom lens the other night.  I was thinking of getting another lens for my birthday but wasn’t sure which one.  Maybe a wide angle?  I can’t think of what else I’d like.  Maybe a minivan, but the big fella refuses.  [pout]


4 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo?”

  1. My daughter has a bumper sticker on HER minivan that says:

    “Minivans are tangible evidence of evil.”

    I think she keeps up her half-british sense of humor very well.

  2. I bet you lobbed Sabrina on the bed to get
    out of making it.

    Yeah. Took heaps of convincing to get a grey into bed.

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