red velvet and pink poodles

So the big fella said the other day he needed to bring a cake or something for a birthday dessert potluck at his office.  I just got the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook from the library and she has a recipe for Red Velvet Cake in it.  I liked the look of it, but didn’t like that it called for 1 cup of shortening.  Blech.  Butter – always butter!  I had used Pinch of Salt’s Red Velvet Cupcake recipe before, so I tried the cake recipe on her site here. Her photos are much better than mine and show the rich red colour much better than the one here.

Red Velvet yumminess!

I used a 9×13 pan instead of layers and made a half-recipe of the cream cheese icing.  I had to test a piece there before releasing it to the wild.

red velvet cake batter - it was quite pink!
super pink cake batter

Oh, you’re probably wondering where the pink poodles come into this …

Sabrina spazzes out in the yard

We sat out in the yard a bit last night.  It was pleasant and there were no few bugs.

Mr. Handsome exceeds his handsomeness

What a dreamboat!

the latest mitten

This is the Classic Mitten pattern using Cascade 220 Heathers in #4011 (sparrow) and Noro Silk Garden #325.  I’m making these a little larger, using a 44 stitch cast on instead of 40.

creeper stalker dog
cue the Jaws music - or the creepy stalker music

I’ll have more yard pics tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “red velvet and pink poodles”

  1. Commenting on Sabrina and Apollo. Beautiful dogs. My sister and husband have had four retired (rescued) greyhounds. Their first one had the same coloring as Sabrina. All are beautiful animals!

    BTW your mittens and cake look great, too!

  2. Ha, I had to look closely at that last pic to see what you meant and I really did LOL. Creepy lil squatty dog lurkin’ and lookin’ at your beautiful princess.

    That red velvet cake looks awesome. I think I need to make a run into town for some ingredients, nomnom!

    Apollo’s soft little moozlepoof whiskers limned by light make me just want to snorgle hissums earsie weersies, yessy wessy!


    1. I feel kind of sorry for that dog. There’s three of them that live there and the other two are noisy yappy bastards, but this one is quiet and just wants some attention. Bill gives her cookies and says she wants to go over the fence and live with us.

  3. i love RVC! i remember making that with my mom. i wonder why they add the red. i figure that since it’s not a super rich chocolate cake, the light brown sponge was kind of off putting. add red. early marketing.

    love love love it.
    i only add shortening when i want the cookies to stay soft, then i just swap out a wee bit of budda for shartnin. just a wee. very wee. usually i don’t expect to have them sitting out that long, so i don’t have to swap.

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