it’s Sabrina’s turn

for the mosaic treatment:

Sabrina mosaic

When we go out in the yard and I’m snapping photos, I have my long lens, and the camera set on sports mode with continuous shutter.  So it’s easy for me to take 200+ photos in a very quick time.  For some reason, in sports mode the camera’s auto-focus struggles with Sabrina’s brindle coat and most of the photos are blurry (except for her tail – it has that white spot on the tip).  Apollo’s action shots are always pretty well-focused.

I had big plans today of doing some baking, making something yummy for supper, working on my mitten de jour.  Yesterday I spent many hours working on budget documents for work and doing other computer tasks.  Today I had to uninstall a program I need to do web editing for my job; it had been causing error messages in MS Word and Excel and once I uninstalled it, the error message went away.  However, when I tried to reinstall it, the same error message reappeared and prevented me from installing it again.  I tried it on my big laptop, then on my netbook/mini and had the same result.  I restored both computers and ended up restoring my mini to factory.  So then I had to reinstall the software I’d put on it in the past 6-8 weeks since I bought it.  Aggravation.  I still don’t know what I’m going to do for my web editing software.  Argggh!  I have both computers back up and working, but not with that software.

I’d rather have spent those many, many hours today knitting.


3 thoughts on “it’s Sabrina’s turn”

  1. My favorite shot is the one with Apollo’s butt. 😉

    I’ll definitely be sending this mosaic to Nick; you know he loves the Princess. 🙂

  2. That girl loves the Pink Poodle! So sorry about the computer fubar, I hope it gets better! At least you don’t have to entertain my MIL for dinner this evening! LOL

  3. how odd. remember those nature shows when they said that the zebra’s stripes help break up the pattern? maybe the brindle is just too hard to focus on. very clever, this sabrina. she does not make it easy for the puppyrazzi.

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