House of Contorted Greyhounds

Should I charge admission?

moderately contorted

Ichabod Crane-brina

"the grass is cool on my fur"

watering the neighbour's sunflowers & raspberries

two-headed greyhound! freak alert!

handsome is as handsome does (no, I don't know what that means)

they're aliiiiiive!

I’m almost done my second mitten (thumb just needs finishing).  I have a full skein of the Noro left and think I’ll do a matching Turn-a-Square but all in the Noro, no striping.  I think it will be enough.  If not, I’ll rip it out and do over with the striping.


5 thoughts on “House of Contorted Greyhounds”

    1. That actually happened when they first moved in there. Every time those dogs were out there they’d be barking and barking at the fence. Apollo hates being barked at, so we sidled up to the fence, lifted his leg & peed on them. That shut them up for a while!

  1. Where is sabrina’s head in that picture? All twisted around?! I love those action shots of s+a together. They are so strong and healthy and both have THRIVED chez royea. It’s been fun watching the transformation with each of them.

    1. Her head is tucked over her right shoulder. I’m surprised she doesn’t need a chiropractor with some of the sleeping positions she has!

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