Noro Mittens, rinse, repeat

Finished these yesterday:

Noro Silk Garden #323

I knit the mitten on the right first.  It was all lovely shades of that rust, brown and deep red.  Very nice.  then I began the second mitt starting off with the left overs of skein #1 from mitten #1.  After completing mitten #2 I realized that they looked like two completely unrelated  mittens.  No colours in common to make them seem a pair.  Grr.  This particular colourway didn’t have many points in common.  So I decided to rip back mitten #1 to just before the top shaping.  I scavenged some of the turquoise and knit up the top, then I did the thumb with some of the same colour that was the cuff of #2.

Next pair I’ll do striped again to use up all the snippets of yarn from this pair.

I cast on a Sockhead hat using some Zauberball  in #1508.  It starts black and gradiates to grey then white, then back to black.  I had been waiting to get a new 3 mm bamboo circular in the mail (the one I have has too-pointy tips and I keep getting holes in my index finger) but they haven’t arrived yet, so I’m gritting my teeth and knitting on.


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