no hounds today

I know there’s been a dearth of hound pics the past couple of entries.  Well, there’s none today either.  Sorry.

But look:

Mac and Cheese and Panko

I saw this recipe the other day on Tasty Kitchen.  Her recipe calls for roma tomatoes which are then thickly sliced.  I saw some little “cocktail” tomatoes at the grocery store and thought they’d work.  I sliced them in half.  They’re really sweet and juicy.  I also added some grated parmesan and romano cheeses to the bechamel sauce (and used cheddar and mozza instead of fontina).  I also made a mixture of the cheeses and panko to be the topping on the tomatoes for extra tasty and crunchy goodness.

pic is washed out - it was much more appetizing!

It was really tasty and chewy and crispy and then you get a little hit of sweet tomato.  The mustard powder really adds to the flavour.  I might back off the amount by a half-teaspoon.

Zauberball Sockhead Hat

I finished this hat the other night.  The Zauberball is a nice soft yarn.  Working it on 3 mm needles made a soft drapey fabric.  It is a lot softer than the one I did in Noro Silk Garden Sock.

crown shaping

I came across this recipe for “welfare peanut butter cookies“.  The name is explained in the blog post.  It’s a pretty basic peanut butter cookie.  I used butter for the full amount of fat.  I didn’t use shortening (I don’t like it).  The only ‘problem’ I had was with my choice of baking sheet.  I have these two really big aluminum (dull) cookie sheets which are good for certain things, but not necessarily for certain cookies.  The cookies I baked on my darker cookie sheets crisped up really nicely and quickly.  Note to self – use the dark sheets for cookies next time.

peanut butter cookies

Last night I decided to do a swatch (i.e. I’m starting the sweater and will check after knitting several inches on the cowl) for the Lightweight Pullover.  I had been looking at this pattern for a while and realized that I had some Rowan Felted Tweed (bought for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan which I later decided not to make) that would be a suitable yarn.  I’ve only knit an inch or so, but I really like the feel of it so far.

A cool, drizzly day here.  We had the poopers out for a walk earlier this morning and it was refreshing to need a sweater.  Supposed to be cloudy/rainy for a couple of days.


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