rainy days

The majority of the long weekend was rainy.  We did make the dogs wear their rain coats and go out for walks.  They preferred to stay in and conserve their strength.

delicate little flower

The sun did come out later on.

if one pink poodle is good, then two must be better

This afternoon I baked off the last bit of the Artisan in 5 bread dough.  It tasted more sourdough-y that the previous two loaves.  I think I’ll mix up some oatmeal bread next week and see how that turns out.

I decided during the rainy weekend to cast on for the “Lightweight Pullover“.  I had originally purchased the yarn to do the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, but I kept putting off starting it.  When I checked the gauge, I realized I could use it for this pattern.

Rowan Felted Tweed #147 "dragon"

The colour is actually more like this:

daylight exposure

I'm so sleepy


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