It’s all over for another year

Yesterday was the annual Chinook Winds greyhound picnic! Woot! It’s the major fundraiser for the year and gives us all a chance to revel in the cult of greyhound.  I kept checking the Saturday forecast through the week and it went from bad to worse, then to not so bad.  In the end, the day started cloudy, but cleared off and warmed up a bit.  Still needed a sweater or bunnyhug, though, in the shade.

Each year the fabulous volunteers think up new, fun things for our hounds to do.  This year they had someone with a radar gun (and it wasn’t the big fella!) clock our hounds running.  They had sectioned off a lane and you went down to the end and called your hound to come to you.  The top speed was, I believe, Mooner at 43 MPH.

line up for the radar race
waiting our turn for the radar race!

It was a crowd pleaser.  From where I took that photo, we were about halfway in the line up.

Bing running the gauntlet
This is either Bing or Mooner running (they're "brothers")

When it was our turn, the big fella went to the end and I sent Sabrina down to get her daddy.  She, however, had other ideas and sauntered down a little ways, sniffed and poked about, and ended up just coming back to me.  Oh dear.  Apollo did better, but he didn’t really get a head of steam going.  He clocked in at 27 mph, but I know in our back yard once they get going, they’re in the 40s.

after the radar race
having a little break after the radar race

Every runner got a fabulous knit fun fur collar!  Sabrina didn’t get one (at this point) because she … didn’t RUN! 🙂

our little patch
our little spot under the tree

After the lunch, the radar race and lots of visiting and hound-scritching, it was time to start on the bag bid raffles, and then the live auction.  We staked out our spot (in the shade, which ended up being a bad idea.  It was really cool when the sun went under a cloud).  We sat next to Mike and Vanessa and Priest.  I wanted to get a nice pic of our two boys:

Priest and Apollo 1
Attempt #1

Priest sometimes gets obsessed with bugs, flies, etc.  Even when they’re not there …

Priest and Apollo 2
Attempt #2

“oh, you’re kneeling down – I should come over there for scritches”

Priest and Apollo 3
Attempt #3

Well, Priest looks good.

Priest & Apollo 4
Attempt #4

[sigh]  That’ll have to do.  It does amuse me that it looks like Priest’s head is on the big fella’s torso.

huddled up for the auction
the little princess was shivering, so we got a blanket from the car

They snuggled up together and wound down from their active day.  The auction was a lot of fun.

There were close to 100 hounds and 200 people.  It’s somewhat mind-boggling to look out over a sea of greyhounds.  The entire day is greyhound overload.  Everyone scritches and loves on any greyhound at hand or passing by.  That’s just how it is!

During the auction, we had a roo to honour the memory of all the hounds that had passed over the bridge since our last picnic.  As usual, Sabrina joined in with vigour, and Apollo had his ears up and puffed out his lips, but no roo this time.  There was one more group roo at the end of it all.  Awesome!  I was going to use the video on my Blackberry to capture it, but I somehow lost it at the picnic and didn’t realize it until they tried to auction it off!  “Up for auction is a Blackberry – it comes complete with preloaded greyhound photos, including one with a Mountie in full red serge.” I thought I’d put it in my little zippy pouch that had the money in it, but partway through the day, I noticed it wasn’t there, so I thought I’d left it in the trunk.  D’oh!  Luckily some kids found it and turned it in.  It would have been awful if we had to try to find it on the acreage where the picnic was held. Yikes!

after the picnic
completely DEAD to the world after the picnic

We got back to our hotel about 6:45 pm.  The hounds collapsed on their beds and other than chowing down, didn’t move a muscle until after 8 a.m. this morning.

after it all
soooo tired

At the end of the auction, the girls were handing out the fun fur collars to anyone who didn’t get one.  So Sabrina got her own after all.

morning after
the morning after (greyhound hangover?)

morning after
at least Sabrina's eyes are open

We loaded up and headed home.  We got home about 6 this evening.  They dogs had some supper and are collapsed again.  The picnic, the excitement, the traveling really tires them out.

table runner
beautiful table runner

I bid and won this beautiful Nancy Slaughter quilted table runner.  She is the same quilter who made the lap quilt we won last year at the picnic.

I didn’t take as many photos this year as I did in the past, so feel free to check out 2009 and 2008 (and part 2) but we had just as fantastic a time!


5 thoughts on “It’s all over for another year”

  1. Nice! Looks like a lot of fun; we only ever went to one greyhound picnic down in SoCal. A giant greyhound tried to nom Libélula without warning as we were passing in opposite directions. It was very random and one of the rare times I’ve seen Nick mad but the kerfluffle passed quickly. The greyhound radar recall looks neat, I have no idea how ours would do. Maybe if I had a bag of cookies, maybe…

    1. Bill and I were analyzing after the fact what we could have done to 1) get Sabrina to run; and 2) get Apollo to run faster. Bill thought beer, I thought chicken! Ah, there’s always next year.

      Usually there’s no problem with snapping or aggressive dogs. I hate to say it, but the ones that are like that at our picnic seem to be coldbloods for the most part.

  2. Looks like a ton of fun! Last one we went to Sarah decided to walk on front of the roaming herd of running greyhounds and caused greyhounds to go flying in all directions! It’s one of the few times you see a large group of dogs together without a scuffle for the most part. We went to Pupalooza in Wash once and there was a mean male grey there. He pounced on another dog there and was chomping away. The mean dog owner just laughed after. I reminded her that ‘I’m really sorry’ would proabaly be a more appropriate response. Some ppl!

    1. Oh, Sarah! I am always a little bit amazed when we have that many hounds together and it’s usually really quiet. Until someone starts a roo. But overall, what other breed could you have 100 dogs together and it be peaceful? Hmm, what are those dogs that can’t/don’t bark – basenjis? Maybe them.

  3. Saw two beautiful greyhounds at a booth for a rescue organization at a street fair on Sunday. Wish we can have one…dog allergies. Where are greyhounds on scale of allergic reaction? Low? High?

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