more lazy

A few weeks ago when I was looking for lazy daisy cake and other lazy recipes, I came across this one for “Lazy Sunday Casserole“.  It looked interesting and I’m all for something that’s big on flavour and small on effort.  When I was out for groceries this week I picked up some beef sausages.

look at that nice caramelization!

I will make this again – it was really easy and very tasty.  Next time I’ll get some better sausages – these were just the store brand and were a little bland.

the apple galette

I followed Wendy’s advice from the last time and made a 1.5 batch of the pastry.  I found it easier to roll out to have enough to flap over the top.  I used four big Gala apples.

quick and tasty, but made a mess of my kitchen!

We’ve had some cooler weather this week.  Good to stay in and relax.

Apollo says "relax"

hello, mommy!

still relaxing!

I'm crazy with relaxing!

I was working away on my Lightweight Pullover and broke my needle!!! ZOMG!  I had about half of my 300+ stitches fall off, but because the Rowan Tweed is pretty sticky, I was able to get them back on a different needle without too much trouble.  I had some old metal/aluminum circs and dug out a 3 mm one.  I hate working with it, but it will do until a new Addi Natura comes in the mail.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Anyway, I have been using the size small stitch count and reached the point where I would take the sleeve stitches off and work on the torso.  My stitch gauge now matches the pattern gauge (it was originally 5.75 per inch instead of the 6 per inch pattern gauge) so I will do another 1.5 inches or so of increasing and then split the sleeves off.  It’s making a really nice fabric.

waiting ...

waiting impatiently for the big fella to go for a walk


4 thoughts on “more lazy”

  1. Yes, that is NOT a messy kitchen. !!!!Apollo cracks me up with all his relaxing. And I sympathise with the broken bamboo knitting needle, as you remember I had that happen with the needles I ordered on ebay from China. Very upsetting.

  2. Glad your galette worked out with the 1 1/2 x pastry! It looks yummy; 4 apples is a LOT of filling. Love your kitchen…you work the dough right on the counter? I always use a pastry mat or silpat but I guess I could clean counter better. I’m always afraid I’ll pick up stray fur from my cat. So sorry about needle…glad you didn’t lose too much time re-adjusting.

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