Yesterday was my birthday!  Woot!  Serendipitously it was a Wednesday, so I headed down to the weekly morning knit-along at Prairie Lily.  The ever fabulous Judy was there – she brought a friend, a dog, and donuts!!  A banner day, to be sure.

The big fella got me this gorgeous big bag from Roots.  I love it.  It’s big, but the leather is so soft and pliable that it scrunches up nicely under my arm, yet it has lots of room for shopping or to put a sweater in to take along.  Very nice!

Sept 22 yarn haul
yarn is almost as good as cake!

Charlene had a box of Cascade 220 that just came in so we were pawing through it.  Sabrina and Apollo bought me a bag (10 skeins) of the olive/green (#9448).  I also got two skeins of the purply/brown (#4006) on the left.  It’s called “galaxy”.  And the multicoloured one second from the right is more Araucania Ranco.  Really nice colours.  And I picked up two more skeins of the Mulberry & Merino (colour “clear sky”).  At the greyhound picnic the other weekend, Vanessa was wearing a Boneyard Shawl and it was fabulous!  So I printed off the pattern and was thinking of using the Mulberry & Merino, but didn’t think I’d have enough.  So I got a couple more.  They’re only 90 metres each.

I spent some time last night looking on the Rav to figure out what sweater I’m going to make with the green Cascade.  Lots of contenders!


5 thoughts on “47”

  1. Hey Happy Birthday!! Your crew have excellent taste in gifts for you indeed. Love the new banner pic of the kids…they seem to be happy to see me when the picture loads, thanks! Ali xx

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