Mountains are cool

Had a good day for driving today.  We did encounter a few spots of road construction through the mountains, but still made good time.  I took a ton of photos today while we drove.  Car-tography.  (Not map making, but photos while hurtling down the highway at high rates of speed!)

probably more in focus because we were slowed right down for construction

We stopped for a good break in Glacier National Park, one of my top 3 national parks.

Apollo's never been this far west before

A few years ago (uh, five, I guess) the big fella and I spent a couple weeks hiking in Glacier National Park.  It was fabulous!

looking north from Illecillewaet campground trails

We walked past the ruins of Glacier House and up around to the river:

Apollo on the very scary bridge

Oh dear.  Mommyyyyy!

It's okay, Apollo. You're a big, brave boy.

Oh, okay then!

taking in the fresh mountain air!

I can't remember what this river is named Oh, it's the Illecillewaet River

I love the lakes and rivers in the Canadian Rockies because they have that awesome blue/green colour and are sooooo crystal clear!  Beautiful!  Wish you were here!


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