More holiday pics

We love it here.

Apollo made it to the Pacific Rim!
Apollo made it to the Pacific Rim!

Where we stay is just outside the park boundary, so we walk along the beach to the sign every morning.

morning walk on Cox Bay
Sabina sniffing something intriguing!

I’ve taken tons of photos – waves, beach, sunsets. It’s so beautiful here (and we’ve lucked out on sunny weather so far). We go out for a morning walk along “our” beach for a couple of miles, then back to have breakfast and clean up. Then we head out until mid-afternoon, when we come back to regroup and relax.

exhausted hounds
exhausted hounds

The hounds are missing out on their morning naps.  They’re used to sleeping for four hours after their morning walks.

Tonquin Beach, Tofino

We were distracted by two little foofoo dogs that were running loose and amok on the beach.

the view from our suite
room with a view!

The view from our balcony. That, my friends, is the Pacific Ocean crashing on the beach, and beyond that … Japan!

Chocolate Ribs hat
I made a hat!

I made a hat yesterday.

Chocolate Ribs hat
Noro Kureyon #255

I discovered a new yarn store in Tofino:

Knits by the Sea haul!
yarn booty

It’s called “Knits by the Sea” and is only about 5 months old. It was a delight to visit and shop there.  With the exception of the Noro “Retro”, the rest of it was all local/regional yarns.  So gorgeous, I can’t wait to use them all!


3 thoughts on “More holiday pics”

  1. i envy you. we can’t travel with dogs here. so few places let you have dogs. silly. if you want to make a lot of money here, be one of the few B&Bs that allow dogs. you’d never be empty.

    it looks chilly. are you saying that canada has different weather than here in queensland, australia? really? our winters can be cold. sometimes down to — oh, i don’t know — 13C!

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