two days of rain

When we were packing up on Friday to switch accommodations, it looked like this:

the rain comes in
the rain comes in

There was a lot of this Thursday night:

rainy afternoon
all snuggled in

Apollo was relieved, though, that he could have a rest from the endless beach walks:

c'mon, I'm an OLD dog ...

We dashed out in the rain for short walks and breaks Friday and Saturday, but my constant haunting of the weather forecast online told me there would be sunshine this morning:

Sunday morning walk

We were walking on the Wild Pacific Trail and stopped at the storm viewing platform:

storm watching dogs

When we first started coming here (circa 2001?) the trail was a lot smaller.  They’ve done so much work to expand it.  It’s simply breath-taking to walk along and around every curve in the trail is another gorgeous view.

crashing waves!


beautiful view

Wild Pacific Trail

Wild Pacific Trail
big fella and the poopers

lawn ornament?
a boat ...

as a lawn ornament? sure!

We have one more day/night here, then we’ll be back in Vancouver on Tuesday.



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