We’re in Vancouver now – for four fabulous nights.  We left the Island this morning, were en route to the ferry terminal when I checked the ferry website for the current conditions.  The one terminal was going to have a 3+ hour wait for the next ferry, but if we went 25 km further down the road, we could catch a different ferry that landed south of Vancouver.  We took that one and were checking into our hotel about the time the first ferry would have been loading from the island.  Blackberry FTW!

the view from our suite

We are staying downtown – a couple blocks from Stanley Park.  While the big fella emptied the car and took everything up to our suite, I took the poopers for a lovely walk up the street.  I ended up going about six blocks before we turned around.  It felt good to stretch our legs.

watch yer toes!

Yesterday Sunday afternoon we walked back on the Wild Pacific Trail to the storm watching platform, right at high tide.  It was so beautiful with the sun and ocean air.

West Coast long dogs

The waves were even more spectacular than in the morning:


I took dozens of photos – such a wild force of nature!

my family

Where we stayed in Ucluelet was on the harbour (not ocean front).  We enjoyed the unending barking of the sea lions:

what a face!

In the next three lots from where we stayed was a marine mechanic type business (with pier/dock), and ice making factory (with pier/dock) and another some sort of marine business (with pier/dock).  These sea lions spent all their leisure time there.

and never shut the hell up!!

bark – bark -bark.  All day and most of the night!

the stink eye, perfected!

The big fella took all these sea lion pics.  I put my long lens on the camera and sent him out!

this one had to have the last word

I made another hat (finished it on the ferry):

Blackberry Odessa

This is the Odessa pattern, but I used worsted weight Cascade 220 Heathers (pattern calls for dk), cast on of 100 stitches and worked the crown to 6″ before beginning decreases.  Such a cute pattern!  That is colour #4006, galaxy.  It’s really dark and purply and deep.  Love it.

swirly top!

It’s been jammie time since about 6:30; we’re all tired and enjoying a night “in”.

watching some tv - family time!

Oh, I almost forgot – yesterday we got into Parksville from Ucluelet early enough to visit some great friends who run a fabulous B&B in Coombs.  They have three alpacas, but like a dorkstick I forgot to take any pics of them – they’re insanely cute!  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see them.  We were walking the poopers in some green space beside the alpaca field and they came running over to see what the dogs were.  Apollo was freaked out by them and wondered what they were!  They looked, he looked, then they turned around and gangled over to the other side of the pen.  Too funny!


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