Four Fabulous Days

in Vancouver! But it wasn’t enough. It’s never enough! Had such a great time, got to see Ande and Jim and the grrrls. Friday we had a fabulous girls’ day on the town, but I didn’t take any pics, other than the Fatburger one. I was chauffeured around in style in a gorgeous silver Cadillac CTS. We hit up the Croc store, some fab shoe stores, the yarn store (Baaad Anna’s) and the Gourmet Warehouse. For my birthday, Ande let me go wild in the Gourmet Warehouse! I got all sorts of goodies (yes, there were knives!)! I got some luscious yarns at Baaad Anna’s (more Sweet Georgia); and a pair of autumn/winter boots in the mall. To top up the day, when we got back to Ande’s, we gave the grrrls a bath. And ourselves in the process. Then we went out that night to hear Jim play and it was the perfect end to our stay.

Wednesday was a beautiful day, sunny and warm.  We had planned to spend some time in Stanley Park (just a couple of blocks from our hotel) but they had various construction projects, so we couldn’t drive around with out waiting for construction.  Our usual walk along the seawall was disrupted as well as they are doing work on the English Bay side, so we avoided the conflagration.  We parked on Beach Ave and walked along the path.

Navios Orbiter

We are completely entertained by watching ships, planes, etc.  There is a lot of traffic in the harbour.

how does a greyhound use an entire king-size bed?

On Thursday it was raining most of the day.  It was drizzly most of the day.  We got out and about in the car and of course Stanley Park was a lot quieter and the construction crews were not out in the rain.  So we drove the entire Park Drive.

the ship "Great Glory", a float plane, and piles of yellow sulfur in the harbour

We saw this ship coming under the Lion’s Gate bridge, so we got out and watched it.

no two-headed dogs allowed

Well, some of us got out.

their chariot

how do two greyhounds use a king-sized bed?

There was some jostling during the night with the four of us in the bed.  Sabrina was disgruntled.

Sulky McSulkerson

We are now in Kelowna for two nights, then will start the drive home.  Gorgeous weather both days – sunny and not too hot.  But we are all anxious to get back home.


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