Hats Off!

We got home Tuesday night and I must say, as much as we love our road trips to the West Coast, there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

Blackberry Odessa

I was busy doing laundry, cleaning up the house and getting work caught up yesterday and today.  I took some better project photos of my hats.

I just love how the pattern swirls at the top!

That was with the Cascade 220 Heathers in “galaxy” which is a deep, heathery purplish.

Chocolate Ribs hat with Noro Retro

I had originally cast on with this yarn for another Odessa.  I worked almost to the crown decreases and was not happy with how the yarn was working with the pattern.  Or nor working, as the case was.  The Odessa needs a nice, smooth, defined yarn.

tonal pinky yarn!

I did the Chocolate Ribs hat again, cast on 100 stitches and worked the hat to 6.25 inches before beginning the crown decreases.

The Noro Retro is a wool/silk/angora blend and is very soft and pretty.  But OMG!  Noro – can’t you wind off a 50 g ball without having 4 – yes, 4!!! knots in it?!

Sockhead Hat with Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn

I followed the pattern as written.  Interestingly, of the four (?) of these that I’ve made, using “fingering weight” yarn, they’re all different sizes.

slouchy hat

For our trip, I had two tote bags with knitting projects in them, hats and mittens.  I was anticipating rainy days spent by the fire knitting, but just our luck, it was mostly sunny so we were outside exploring and doing things.  The only knitting I got in was a little in the evenings.  Of our 12 days on the Island, we had 2 cloudy days and 2 rainy days.  When we were in Vancouver, we had one rainy day, but it was a drizzly day, so we still were out walking and exploring.  The rest of the time was glorious autumn weather which we loved!



5 thoughts on “Hats Off!”

  1. Welcome back home, Terri!

    Please allow me to ask this:

    What on earth do you do with all those hats and mitts? Are you stockpiling them? Do you wear a different one every day? Do you give them away?

    Scritches to the Princess and the Handsome One.

  2. Wow, looks like you have been busy even though you didn’t knit as much as you expected to. I have about two dozen mittens made already and about a dozen hats. I haven’t been working very diligently on the mittens at all, so I am going to get serious asap as I want to make at least another dozen mittens and a few more hats. Of course mine are not made with classy wool like yours.

    1. she left the bedroom in a huff and was laying on the sofa bed in the living room. Big fella went out and covered her with his fleece jacket. Poor little princess!

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