OMG I’m so tired

I had a meeting today, so I was out of the house this morning before 7:30 and didn’t get back until close to five.  I didn’t go to bed early enough last night, so didn’t get enough sleep.  I’ll be crawling into bed a lot earlier tonight.

stripey mittens
the latest mittens

On the weekend I finished the mittens I’d been working on.  Super cute!

mittens fit for a princess
Sabrina's even cuter

This was made with Noro Silk Garden and Cascade 220 Heathers. Deets are here.  I had been carrying around the Boneyard Shawl in my knitting bag for our entire vacation, along with some wool, but I decided to use some of my vacation yarn booty and cast on yesterday for the shawl using Indigo Moon Merino Superwash sock yarn in “summer breeze” colourway, which is all cool and gorgeous shades of azure.

Apollo, Mr. Cool
speaking of cool ...

Apollo, chillin'
"you called?"

The yarn is 370 yards, so I plan to make a kerchief-sized scarf/shawlette.  I make it as big as I can with the yarn I have.  It’s nice to have a little bit of warmth around my neck.

Edited to add:  I tried this Winter Minestrone recipe last night (another Giada one).  It is soooo good!  I had to substitute kale for the swiss chard as the local grocery store didn’t have it (after furiously texting Ande to make sure kale wasn’t some gross sea weed thing – she assured me I was thinking of “kelp”).  And I used bacon instead of pancetta, and white kidney beans instead of cannellini beans, and didn’t have a parmesan rind, so just sprinkled in grated parm when serving.  But regardless, it turned out fabulously and is very tasty and hearty.  Will make again!


2 thoughts on “OMG I’m so tired”

  1. I distinctly remember a photo taken at Aunt Gert’s old house with you and I in some clown costumes, with our snow suits underneath them, and some horrid,scarey masks that were likely purchased at Frank’s Cigar Store. I have a very vague memory of taking the bus down there with Mom to buy the masks. I remember going into Frank’s and being scared because he had all sorts of Halloween stuff hanging from the ceiling of the store. And it was already getting dark when we got there. And downtown was scarey too. It was just all scarey.

    1. do you remember the bunny suit made out of a pink chenille bedspread? Or is that the same photo you’re thinking of? Scareyyyyyyy!!! OOOOooooo!

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