As a kid in Saskatchewan,

this is why your Hallowe’en costume had to have room underneath for either a snowsuit or a puffy jacket:

26 Oct 2010
front yard

It’s still giving us a dusting of snow and the winds are gusting up to 48 kph.

26 Oct 2010
back yard

The poopers were not overly impressed.  Especially since it’s so damp and that aggravates Apollo’s shoulder.  I was glad I didn’t have to go out today – it would have sucked if I had to travel today instead of yesterday!  I was happy to stay in and work on my meeting stuff.


3 thoughts on “As a kid in Saskatchewan,”

  1. Oh you are so lucky to have snow. It is 10:20 pm here and still 74 degrees. I just wish it would get cold already.

    Your mittens in the previous post are really nice. I have made mittens with a “gore” thumb forever. But I have always used worsted weight. Now I am looking for help with sizing down to sock yarn. I know I just need to cast on slightly less than for a sock but how many rows of gore increase do you do before putting the thumb stitches on a holder? Or, if you could direct me to a good pattern using sock yarn and making the gore thumb I would appreciate it.

    My greyhound used to love the snow. She usually just “plowed” with her nose. But we do not very often have snow so maybe that is why she liked it so much.

    So have some hot chocolate and enjoy your beautiful snow.

  2. Wow, that reminds me of my childhood in Winnipeg! It was more than one Halloween that I wore a parka under my costume (think of the Statue of Liberty with a blue, puffy parka over top). I hope you get a bit of a break before the real winter begins!

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