I guess it wasn’t pink, after all

The costume I was talking about in response to my sister’s comment on one of the entries below.  In my mind’s eye, I always thought it was a pink bedspread. Update: my mom emailed to tell me it was, indeed, a pink bedspread that had faded to pale pink, and that she make our costumes.  Cool!

bedspread bunny
I didn't know Bo Peep shepherded bunnies

I guess I was about four there?  No sign of a snowsuit there, though.

Our cold weather is continuing.  It’s the windchill that’s the worst right now, though.  Poor poopers!  They’re not keen at all to go outside.  I have pics, but my computer is not well and I can’t get them onto my hard drive.

General question:  do you think a laptop should fail after two years of use?  Granted, it’s two years of VERY heavy use, but I would have thought it should last longer than that.

ETA: I had to reboot (pull battery, unplug and reboot) and now I can upload pics.  What a hassle.

trying to stay warm
why, Mommy?! Why isn't it sunshine and lovely mild temps?


Tubby McPoundage
oh dear, not a particularly flattering pose


I'm ready for my close up
there, take my pic now; I look better!


gonna be a long winter
Apollo is resigned to the arrival of winter

I was almost finished the Boneyard Shawl, but most of yesterday, last night and so far today have been devoted to wresting with my computer and trying to MAKE IT WORK already!  Auugh, so very frustrating.


2 thoughts on “I guess it wasn’t pink, after all”

  1. The fabric on the Bunny costumer DOES look like an old bedspread!!! I bet it was recycled to sew up the costume! I remember this picture also, but it’s not the one I was thinking about. I think Mom put the one I am referring to into the album she made for me. I will check and then post it all over the internet for everyone to see, k?

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