Boneyard Shawlette

I finished this the other evening and blocked it.  I was able to wear it out to lunch yesterday … and to buy a new laptop.

the colour is pretty accurate

I used every little bit of the 370 yards of yarn.  I had to scavenge about a yard of another like-coloured sock yarn to finish the cast off row.


The blocked size is 48′ wingspan and 24″ depth at center.  The yarn is very soft and the big gauge makes it very drapey and squooshy.

As noted above, I got a new laptop and have spent since yesterday about 2 p.m. migrating my documents and programs from the old, problematic laptop to the new one.  Once I have all moved over and operational (and make sure all is well) I will wipe the old one, restore it to factory and I have plans for it.  I also had to get a new external hard drive as my old one was also crapping out.  I’m backing up my files right now.

I took on a second contract for work, so need to have good, dependable equipment.  My laptop gets a lot of use, so I guess 2 years of solid, heavy, constant use will take its toll.  ETA:  at first the new computer wouldn’t recognize my 10(?) y.o. laser printer.  I had to trick it by using a Samsung printer driver (it’s a Lexmark) but the good news is that after 8 years of the printer insisting on showing me the print menu in Portuguese, now with the new driver, it’s in English!


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