Mittens. Just mittens.

Knocked off another pair of mittens:

Classic Mittens

I had three skeins of the darker green Cascade 220 Heathers, and I think two of the lighter green. I’m getting A LOT out of the yardage!

"I'm too sexy for my mitts ..."

I have another pair of mittens well underway in the lighter green yarn.

I made Lazy Daisy Cake the other day:

so tasty!

I use buttermilk instead of regular milk; I also beat the sugar and eggs for a full 6 minutes. I think that makes such a difference to the cake’s texture.  Oh, and I also use 1/3 cup heavy cream instead of evaporated milk in the topping.

I also made the BaconCake (Ande!) casserole for brunch today.  I follow that recipe pretty close, but I make it 1.5 x recipe  to fit in a 9×13 pan.  I also use green onion chopped up instead of onion flakes.  So easy, and so delicious!

ears up and one eye at the ready, just in case any cookies might be dispensed

We’ve been having such weirdly warm weather.  I was thinking the other day about when it gets cold we’ll have to rearrange the dog beds so they aren’t up against that cold spot on the floor under the window.  My other thought was to get one of those raised beds so they’re up off the floor a bit, maybe.


2 thoughts on “Mittens. Just mittens.”

  1. I remember making Lazy Daisy cake when we were kids. Because Mum wouldn’t buy cake mixes. It was a simple recipe that even kids could muster. And it was very, very tasty! btw, Apollo is TOO sexy for those mitts! and handsome too.

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