mitten, hat, etc.

I finished the lighter green mittens:

Classic Mittens in Cascade 220 Heathers

My usual model and her usual co-operation:

lay like an Egyptian!
"they do the sand dance, don't you know"


"walk like an Egyptian ..."


"whey oh heyyyyy ooooo - walk like an Egyptian!"

Then I knit a hat:

purpley Odessa

I used a 100 stitch cast on, worked the body to 6.25″ then did the crown decreases.  I love this pattern – makes such a cute hat!

swirly hat dome!

And it snowed overnight and today.  Not cold enough for fluffy white snow, just that heavy wet crap that makes a mess of everything.


8 thoughts on “mitten, hat, etc.”

  1. I have two beautiful “grand-dogs” (as compared to grandchildren – of which I have one grand-daughter) and would like to make a hat for my grand-dogs, but am having a difficult time finding a pattern. please HELP! my e-mail is thank you so much! make it a great day!

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