another day, another hat!

I knocked off another Wide Cuff Watch Cap:

Wide Brim Watch Cap

The yarn is Cascade 220 wool in colour #2404, a mid-navy blue.  Details are on my Rav page.

crown decreases

Our weather has been chillier, and much more humid/damp.  Last night when we took the poopers out, it was 100% humidity.  Yikes!

hanging out in Apollo's room


sniff, sniff ...


ewww, boys r stinky!

We had my nephew and his girlfriend over for a steak supper last night.  I made molten chocolate lava cakes – they always turn out soooo good, and so tasty served with whipped cream, fresh raspberries and blackberries.  Yummm.  This time, instead of my glass custard cups, I used five ramekins and it was much easier to get the cakes out and on the plate.  The custard cups have a bit of slanted sides, whereas the ramekins are vertical and plop, the cakes come right out without puncturing the sides and the lava oozing out.  (Note to self:  use the ramekins next time.)


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