I made it out alive!

Went to pick up just a few groceries (and to get one of the new PC Dark Chocolate and Cranberry and Almonds bars to try) – OMG!! It was crazy busy in there and everyone was crabby!  And now it’s non-stop Christmas music on my favourite Sirius radio station, “the 40s on 4”.  Really?!  It’s only the middle of November …

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  1. Mine is Lindt Dark with Sea Salt. I have the Orange Intense one at home right now, but it’s not as good. And the crabbiness? That’s why I do most of my Christmas shopping online these days… The malls are just too much for me.

    • I wouldn’t set foot in mall on most days. In the so-called “holiday season” – never! This was only SuperStore!!

      One of my chocolate chip cookie recipes calls for coarse sea salt sprinkled on before baking – they’re sooo good. Hmm, I should make some.

    • President’s Choice is a Canadian store-brand line of products. I don’t think they sell anything in the states. I have seen a Dairy Milk/Cadbury bar that is dark chocolate, cranberries and almonds though. Maybe you can get that there?

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